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About Our Arts & Crafts Program

Our Art & Crafts After School Program directed by Ms. Iris  is designed to ignite imagination, develop artistic skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation for the world of art. Through this program, students will embark on a colorful journey of exploration, turning their ideas into beautiful works of art.


Program Highlights:

1. Diverse Art Forms: From painting and drawing, our Art & Crafts program covers a wide range of artistic techniques and forms. 

2. Skill Development: Ms. Iris is passionate about helping young artists develop their artistic abilities. Through guided lessons and hands-on projects, students will hone their fine motor skills, attention to detail, and visual perception.

3. Creative Expression: We value the importance of self-expression. Our program encourages students to express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas through their artwork. 

4. Art History and Appreciation: Beyond creating their own art, students will also learn about the fascinating world of art history.

5. Collaborative Projects: Our program promotes collaboration and teamwork. Students will have the chance to work on group projects, learning how to combine their individual styles and ideas to create something truly unique.

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