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Our Staff

At Academy of St. Joseph's, we are blessed with an extraordinary team of devoted faculty and staff.  Their talents and expertise are matched only by their love and devotion to a Catholic Education.

Each is a trained professional who takes pride in their particular areas of strength.  Above all is a commitment to the education and wellbeing of your child.

Our commitment to our children is second to none.

Mrs. Lauren Lytle
Ms. Iris Par
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Erika Nieves
Pre-K 4
Ms. Maria Aguilera
Pre-K 4
Ms. Maydeli Villalta
Mrs. Martina Llano
1st Grade
Ms. Christine Roque
2nd Grade
Mrs. Lucia Alvarez
3rd Grade
Ms. Hilsen Alas
4th Grade
Ms. Nicole Fernandez
5th Grade
Mrs. Chrystal Fernandez
6th Grade
Mr. Johnathan Rodriguez
7th Grade / STEM
Mr. Nicolas Flores
8th Grade
Mrs. Johanna Rivera
Art / Foreign Language
Mr. Peter Moya
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